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Pulak Prasad

Pulak Prasad grew up in India across many towns and cities. His father was in the armed forces where the Indian government transferred him to new locations every couple of years. Pulak changed seven schools in his first twelve years of studies.

What I Learned About
Investing from Darwin

The investment profession is in a state of crisis. The vast majority of equity fund managers are unable to beat the market over the long term, which has led to massive outflows from active funds to passive funds. Where should investors turn in search of a new approach?


Peter Ammon

CIO, University of Pennsylvania

In his wonderfully original and insightful book, Prasad makes a compelling case for the science of evolutionary biology informing the art of investing. From red deer and silver foxes to green frogs and dung beetles, he draws upon the work of Darwin and others to colorfully articulate many of the investment principles that have driven his remarkable success.

Chip Kaye

CEO, Warburg Pincus

I had the privilege of working with Pulak for nearly a decade. There are great investors and great minds: Pulak was always an unusual combination of both. His book brings both of those elements together—an architecture of investing that he has practiced for decades with great success—but constructed in an unusual way by comparison to phenomena in the natural world of evolutionary biology. The result is a fascinating and highly enjoyable experience that reminds us of the often simple answers to complex questions.

Seth Alexander

president, MIT Management Company

Pulak Prasad is proof of Charlie Munger’s adage that great investors thrive on multidisciplinary thinking. He has written a highly enjoyable and thought-provoking book that is a master class on both investing and evolution.

Robert Wallace

CEO, Stanford Management Company

What I Learned About Investing from Darwin conveys important lessons and concepts for those interested in disciplined, long-term investment. Prasad’s writing is engaging, charming, and stimulating.

Favorite Books

The greatest of them all…The Intelligent Investor by the incomparable Benjamin Graham. A must for anyone who wants to be an investor. if you read this one and the number 2 below, you really don’t need to read anything else. Jason Zweig gives an excellent commentary throughout the book.
This is not a book, but this collection of annual letters from the Oracle of Omaha beats the best investment books out there (including mine).
If you want to understand Buffett and his simple (but not easy) investment approach, you can’t do better than Robert Hagstrom’s The Warren Buffett Way. Hagstrom’s dissects Buffett’s great (and some not so great) investments in way that is simple to understand and dare I say, implement.